Many Ways To Help Conference 2016

Venue: the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

Wednesday 19 October

Day Two

9 am


9.15 am

Neuroscience Keynote: Professor Marc Lewis (Developmental Psychology, University of Radboud, Netherlands)

Addiction, Brain Change, and Gambling: Deep Learning, not Disease

10 am

Panel Discussion:

Moderator: Professor Alex Blaszczynski (University of Sydney)
Professor Marc Lewis (University of Radboud, Netherlands)
Dr Bruce Bolam (VicHealth)
Elena Campbell (Centre for Innovative Justice)

11 am

Morning tea

11.15 am – 12.30 pm

Auckland University of Technology Presentations

Presenter: Dr Maria Bellringer

Relapse: How common is it and how can it be prevented?

Presenters: Dr Komathi Kolandai-Matchett, Maria Bellringer, Dr Jason Landon & Professor Max Abbott

Working with gambling venues to enable safer gambling environments: lessons learned from a problem gambling public health intervention in New Zealand

Presenters: Dr Jason Landon, Katie Palmer du Preez, Maria Bellringer & Professor Max Abbott

A multi-phase of pop up messages in New Zealand gambling venues

Venue Support & Responsible Gambling Presentations

ISIS - Presenter: Rob Wootton

Dispelling Myths for counsellors and clients on gambling products

Providing the Gamblers help sector with information relating to product usage and to provide counsellors a guide to incorporate into their counselling sessions.

ISIS - Presenter Belinda Opie

The evolution of the gambling environment

This presentation will explore the next generation of gambling machine from manufacturers.

Banyule - Presenter: Gareth Hanlon

Your play (Voluntary pre-commitment) Provision of information on Your Play to therapeutic Counsellors

Prevention Presentations

Presenters: Leanne White, Choi Foong Kew

Forensic gambling as risk-taking: Two prison pilot programmes explored

Presenters: Laurie Siegel-Woodward, Bridgitte Thornley, Ifo Faanana

Outcome Measures: More than we bargained for

Presenter: Matt Healey

Lessons from the field: evaluating prevention projects and programs



1.15 pm - 2.45 pm


Ashley Gordon
Impact/ Prevention: Aboriginal Communities

Raelene Stephens from MDAS, Andrew Dalton and Ashlee Robertson from GEGAC and Sarah MacLean from La Trobe University
We can only prevent what we understand – gambling in Aboriginal communities

Incolink- Chanh Mann and Mr David Clarke
Raising awareness of the risks associated with gambling and develop a network of support within the construction industry.


Alex Blaszczynski (University of Sydney)

Pathways model update

Dr Simone Rodda (Auckland University of Technology)

SMS and e-therapy

Elissa Macaw and Lukas Ryan (Gambler’s Help Southern)

Motivational Interviewing

New Horizons

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre)

Youth & Gaming

Andrée Froude (Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand)

Gambling's no game

A/Prof Samantha Thomas (Deakin University)

Young men and sports betting: Normalisation, risk environments, and consumption behaviours.

2.45 pm

Afternoon tea

3 pm

Lived experience workshop

3 Sides of the Coin - Judy Avisar

A series of enacted scenes that use Forum theatre to challenge and stimulate conversation around issues of Gambling in Victoria

ReSPIN - Kate Sommerville

ReSPIN is a prevention project run by North East Primary Care Partnership which strives to reduce the stigma attached to problem gambling and encourage understanding and help seeking, by using the stories and expertise of people affected by problem gambling.

Peer Connect - Daniel Irwin

Peer Connection is a confidential, anonymous, telephone peer-support program staffed by volunteers. The program provides over-the-phone support to people who are experiencing gambling problems as well as to their partners and close family members

Dare to connect - Gabi Byrne

Dare to Connect is a program that combines social events, activities and education to support recovery from gambling by creating alternative social activities and friendships. Gabi will be presenting a new and important research which describes the finer details of how volunteering in this program helps to cultivate a life beyond problem gambling and prevent relapse.


Turning Point - Dr Jane Oakes and Dr Victoria Manning

Treatment readiness in people contacting gamblers help services

Gamblers Help Inner City - Ravi Iyer

ACT on Gambling, provides a discussion of the theoretical framework of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, current state of the evidence and representative case studies.

Bentleigh Bayside Community Health-

Zoi Penoglou

Hypnosis and applications for problem gambling

In-language workshop

Hoda Nahal, Stuart Barton and Gareth Hanlon (Arabic Welfare and Banyule)

Collaboration between Arabic Welfare and Banyule

Yue Gao and  Bic Gresty (Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and  Springvale Indo- Chinese Mutual Assistance Association (SICMAA)

Art-making, mutual support and partnership: peer support program for CALD women affected by gambling related harm.

Kelly Lee Hickey (HealthWest partnership)

Cheap Meals and Free Bus Rides: gambling as recreation amongst ethnic seniors clubs in Melbourne’s North West.

4.45 pm

Conference close: Serge Sardo

Wednesday 19th October- afternoon panels

Panel: Workplace learnings

1.15 pm - 1.25 pm

VLGA – Mr George Darroch

Community solutions (Victorian Local Government Association) – provide information sessions for local government employees and assist local governments to implement organisational policies that reduce gambling-related harm. It will also provide local communities with information and resources to assist them to participate in the planning processes.

1.25 pm - 1.35 pm

Whittlesea – Ms Bianca Opasinis

Putting the health and wealth back into Whittlesea (Whittlesea Community Connections) – will engage with local employers and jobseeker organisations who employ or work with people at significant risk of gambling harm. The project will develop gambling awareness action plans with employers, including training, information sessions and access to alternative recreation and workplace policies.

1.35 pm - 1.45 pm

CAFS (Child and Family Services Ballarat) – Ms Leah Hutchinson

Promoting responsible gambling in local workplaces

Partner with local businesses to pilot workplace activities that will prevent the onset and stigma associated with gambling harm in the Ballarat area

1.45 pm - 2 pmPanel discussion

Panel: Engaging with Aboriginal Communities

2 pm - 2:10 pm

La Trobe Community Health Services - Ms Jo Ramselaar and Mr. Michael Liddy

Aboriginal Gambling and Financial Management Project in collaboration with the local Aboriginal community will develop culturally appropriate financial literacy and gambling resources, and work with partner agencies to embed responsible gambling policies into their organisations..

2:10 pm - 2.20 pm

G21 and Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative– Ms Helen Reddan and Mr. Nathan Patterson

Starting the conversation – working with local Aboriginal groups, artists and organisations in the Greater Geelong area, this project will develop a suite of videos and resources with culturally safe and appropriate messages about gambling harm.

2.20 pm - 2.30 pm

First Nations Foundation - Tatiana Romanovsky

My moola – this project aims to reduce counterproductive gambling behaviours in Aboriginal communities by providing financial literacy training to staff in Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations across Victoria.

2.30 pm – 2.45 pmPanel discussion

Panel: Cross-sector workshop

3 pm - 3.15 pm

Women's Health In The North (WHIN) and Women's Health East – Sandra Morris and Bron Martin

Increasing the odds for safety and respect

Focuses on the link between family violence and gambling in Melbourne’s north and east. The project aims to strengthen risk assessment mechanisms, referral pathways and service delivery across the gambling and family violence sectors, to both increase the safety of women experiencing violence and reduce harm from gambling.

3.15 pm - 3.30 pm

Anglicare Victoria – Mark Halloran

Building the capacity of the criminal justice system

Develop training, screening tools and resources to build the capacity of workers in the criminal justice system to both identify and appropriately respond to clients affected by gambling harm.

3.30 pm - 3.45 pm

Odyssey House – Miranda Manning

Statewide training package and resources, alcohol and other drugs services

The project is to develop and launch an accredited online training course for the alcohol and other drugs workforce about the identification and treatment of gambling harm. The training package will be accredited by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority.

3.30 pm - 4 pm

Banyule – Lara Jackson

Expect Gambling in the Mix

Identifying and responding to gambling in your client group. This tool provides a framework to assist with integration and practices associated with increasing the capacity of staff employed and volunteering in health and welfare agencies to identify, assess and treat problem gambling in their client group, regardless of their service orientation or area of expertise.

4 pm - 4.30 pm

Panel discussion